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Embedded Software Design Services in the UK

Eden Electronics specialises in the development of embedded systems, their design and their software.  We provide long term support to our customers, who are small and large businesses in the UK with several International clients.  We work on a range of systems including: bespoke laboratory test equipment, precision portable testers, specialist sensors, custom testers and battery-powered portable electronic equipment, and one-off test equipment.  Our latest design is being installed in a bespoke narrowboat to provide off grid electrical power for cooking, boat propulsion and other boat functions.

ARM7 microprocessor used in a precisions tester

We supply consultancy to our customers to support our software, but also to help them as they enhance their product and meet changing market and customer requirements.

Our experience in developing test, measurement and control system software allows us to make bespoke testers and control systems for use in your product or as bespoke production line test and control equipment to improve efficiency and ensure quality.

Real time control and precision measurements form a part of most embedded systems we develop, and this is one of our areas of expertise that helps ensure the success of you product development.

We are used to working with partners who bring different skills to the development of embedded systems, and will work with your own engineers as a seamless part of your project team.  Whether you require a turnkey solution, a partner to work on the software, the electronics aspects of your product, or your require embedded consultancy services, Eden Electronics can help.

We have made several bespoke testers and custom production line testers, as well as designing the software for precisions laboratory and portable tester equipment, sensors and measuring devices. It is our combination of software and electronics expertise that makes us good at developing embedded products and bespoke testers and allows us to be ideal partners for OEMs looking to outsource their embedded system design and development.

Multilingual support is now seen as good business practise, and is usually required by our customers, and increasingly user interfaces based on Web Browser technology.

Embedded System Design

Cortex-M3 System on a Chip microcontroller developed by ARM LtdEden Electronics specialises in embedded system design and development. We develop software for microprocessors, system-on-chip (SoC), and microcontrollers. We support various target platforms and architectures: ARM, XScale, Cortex-M3, Infineon C166 and 8051. ARM SOC chips now form a large part o our work but we do still support existing customers with C166 and 8051 projects.

As microcontrollers continue to increase in power and decrease in cost the majority of the control electronics is now within the microcontroller chip.  This simplifies development, improves EMC conformance, reduces power usage and production costs.  This makes software the dominate component in many embedded products. 

We typically use the 32bit ARM Cortex range of processors, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4 and recently Cortex-M7. We have also use other ARM processors such the A5 - because of their low cost and high performance.  We use the well-proven Real View compiler developed by ARM Ltd, and Keil’s µVision development IDE and simulator for our development work. Typically our software runs on custom hardware either designed by us or by one of our partners.

See Recent Projects for examples of some of our embedded system design work.

Embedded Software Design

Software Development in C for Embedded Systems Software is now the largest single component in most electronics equipment. It is the design and development of this embedded software that we specialise in. Embedded and real-time software is different from PC applications and requires an understanding of the underling hardware and real-time constraints. All our embedded software designs are capable of multi-tasking with real-time constraints.

Software can be changed without retooling costs, so your products can be enhanced to keep you competitive, with a software upgrade that adds nothing to your production costs. It can be enhanced to break into new markets without the expense and long lead times of redesigning PCBs and mechanical components.

The embedded software design in a product can be changed easily to meet new business needs. We typically form long-term relationships with our customers, and often make small changes to their products to allow them to win new orders.

Laboratory Test Equipment

Laboratory Test equipment using WinCE and a PXA270

We have developed laboratory test equipment. A project we developed some years ago but still enhance a Bottle Sampler for measuring the contamination in hydraulic fluid, Fuel oil and recently upgraded to measure the contamination in Ethanol Glycol.

We used Windows CE, which offers a rich user interface that is particularly good for laboratory test equipment. It also offers most of the connectivity that you would expect from a desktop PC, including the ability to download test results to a standard USB memory stick.

The user control is entirely through the touch-sensitive colour display, giving a clean, stylish case and a user-friendly interface.

The software also controls the syringe pump, dip-tube lift motor, pneumatic valves and other aspects of the system.  The software maintains a constant pneumatic pressure around the sample, using shop-air or an internal pneumatic compressor if shop-air is not available.  Recent Laboratory Equipment Projects

Electronics Prototyping

Surface Mount Electronic PCB Our expertise in electronics allows us to balance production costs, development costs and performance with flexibility, by carefully selecting which functionality is implemented in electronics and which is implemented in software. Almost all our embedded software runs on custom designed hardware.

Software is updateable, so the right choices here, can reduce productions costs, and also give flexibility for future enhancements to your products. The electronics for a product is often fixed early but with enhancements to the embedded software your product can have an extended life, continue to compete in the market place and even entering new markets. Enhancing the software in an existing product can giving you extra return on your original investment.

New Designs - Battery Management System (BMS) for off grid power

LiFePO4 Battery before installation of BMSWe have been developing a BMS (Battery Management System) for large LiFePO4 batteries that can be used for off grid power storage. This is currently be installed on a new Narrow boat, which will be ready in January 2017.

Off the shelf BMSs for LiFePO4 batteries are often designed for road vehicles, but as our client wants to live aboard their boat and not be dependent on shore power so the requirements for the BMS is different. We have taken our experience at developing battery management for rechargeable batteries and applied that to large Lithium battery pack which is ideally suited for use to supply off grid power.

LiFePO4 batteries were chosen because of their excellent safety record and good longevity.

See the boat at Narrowboat Firecrest - www.nb-Firecrest.co.uk and follow their real life experience as they use our Lithium Battery BMS while living on their boat.

We are based in Suffolk, England and can work with you wherever in England or the UK you are based, providing turnkey solutions or consultancy as required.

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